So how Nasty is this Crane?!

Tales aBoUt the Nasty Crane as told by the Customers


"The Crane made sure that I wasn't idle during the last vacation days of the summer of 2012; it gave me a sanctuary where I could enjoy coffee and beer alike. I was made feel welcome by people both sides of the barcounter from the first moment I set my foot in here. After you visited the Crane a few times, sooner or later you just realize how much less you enjoy yourself anyplace else. This is likely caused by rapidly changing music collection, the open attitude for reguests and the bat-shit crazy company. 'HERE WE GO!"

- Tuomas "SHUDDUP!" Valtanen

"I couldn't resist the calling of the Crane as it floated in my ears on the wings of good music as I was just passing by. I had to go and check it out and... well, I'm still on that same faithful journey!"

- Lucky Luke

"The Crane is absolutely fantastic place and there aren't enough space here to cover all the words that come to my mind. In short: You can be yourself to the fullest and you blend in with the colorful crowd. You can even come in a dress :D"

- mister47

"There's beer, food and there's Star Trek on TV! You don't ever have to go home!!"

- Oberstnerd

"You always feel welcome at the Crane. Thanks to the hilarious and professional staff, the unique and highly detailed interior and the warm atmosphere, you'll forget your worries in an instant. The Nasty Crane is one of a kind and has given me unforgettable moments and chances to get to know some great people!"

- LLäre


"Absolutely wonderful place! I came to sit at the patio in the summer of 2013 and am on the same journey still! The atmosphere is always top-notch and intimate enough. Even when crowded it doesn't feel crowded. Tommi and Hane took me as their own and the place has given me many new, trusted friends. Family, really. The Nasty Crane has become like a club house or a livingroom for our odd posse. We were more than happy to make this website!"

- Samuli "Mr West" Lipponen aka. Schmuli